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为了方便居住本地之顾客, 我方特在本地区开设分店, 以便供应品质可靠、款式新颖、价格公道的服装。恳请惠顾。
We have opened a new branch in this district, for the convenience of our customers who live here, and for residents who wish to obtain clothing of the newest style and most reliable quantity at reasonable prices.

兹定于本月一日我们在本市以约翰.史密斯的名义开设绸缎棉布行, 特此奉告。
We inform you that on the 1st of this month, we established in this city a Dry-Goods business under the firm-name of John & Smith.

我们将以钱伯斯公司为名, 开设总代销店, 特此奉告。
We acquaint you that we have established ourselves as general agents under the title of Chambers & Co.

我非常荣幸地通知您, 我已在本市开了一家日本货批发代销店。
I have the honour to inform you that I have just established myself in this town as a Commission Merchant for Japanese goods.

我十分高兴地通知您, 在当地几家有名望, 有影响力公司的支持下, 我开设了轮船与保险的经纪业以及总代理店。
I have pleasure in apprising you that, under the auspices of several highly respected and influential houses here, I have commenced business as a Shipping and Iusurance Broker and General Agent.

我很高兴地宣布, 从今日起我承接了老丰田公司的业务, 并在原地址继续营业。
I have the pleasure of announcing that the business of the old firm of Tokyo & Co., will, from this day, be carried on by myself at the same address.

只要该项业务是在市内或市郊, 不论是专业或其它性质的, 在不支付旅费情况下,本代理店均乐意效劳。
Any business which you may have in or near this city, whether of a professional nature or otherwise, and for the sake of which it may not be worth while to incur the expenses of a journey expressly, I shall be happy to transact as an agent.

我保证, 对所赋与的所有事项, 将予以迅速、有效地完成, 并尽量节省开支。
I assure you that it shall be my endeavour to act with promptitude and dfficiendcy, as well as with a due regard to economy, in all the matters entrusted to my care.

我确信能胜任任何交易, 并能迅速, 经济和使您满意地执行所接受的任何订货。谨此恳请惠予赐顾。
Feeling confident of oy ability to conduct any transactions, and to execute any orders committed to my charge in a speedy, economical, and satisfactory manner, I solicit the favour of your commands.

在本行业的国内外公司担任雇员和经理的12年里, 我获得了透彻的知识和贸易经验,因此, 能满足您一切合理要求。
The thorough knowledge and trade experience which I have gained in this branch of business during a twelve years’ engagement as an employee and manager of prominent firms in this branch both at home and abraoad, will enable me to cope with all reasonable requirements.

如有所需, 希望得到您的询价。
We hope to receive your inquiries when in the market.

兹附上价目及交易条款, 并请注意下面的签名。
We enclose our list of prices and terms, and would ask you to kindly note the signatures at foot.

竭诚希望取得您的信赖与惠顾, 并请注意以下签名。
Trusting to be favoured with your valued confidence in future, we wish to draw your attention to the signatures below.

Have the kindness to take note of our signatures at foot.

我最近在神田保町10番, 开设一毛织品分店, 谨此通知。
I inform you that I have recently opened a branch establishment for the sale of my woollens at 10, Jimbocho, Kanda.

随着本公司与中国贸易不断增长, 我们于本日在北京新开设一分公司。
As the volume of our trade with China is constantly increasing, we have this day opened a new branch in Beijing.

本行即日在大阪市开设一分公司, 并委任T.先生为经理。
I inform you that I have this day opened a new branch establishment in Osaka, and have entrusted the management thereof to Mr. T.

新分公司由股东F.先生任经理, 对其热诚、能力及品德, 我绝对信任。
I have committed the management of the branch to Mr. F., a gentleman on whose zeal, ability, and integrity, I place the utmost reliance.


兹于W.先生建立合伙关系, 今后将以J.公司名义开展业务。
I have arranged a partnership with Mr. W., with whom I shall trade in future as J. & Co.

由于业务发展, 事务繁忙 , 需要有力人士协助, 现与J.先生组织合伙。
Owing to the large increase of my business, and the consequent additional strain which this put upon me, I have deemed it advisable to have assistance and have arranged a partnership with Mr. J.

我现与著名的C.先生进行合伙, 他从事皮序生意多年, 经验丰富, 并以雄厚的资本投入本公司。
I have taken a new partner, Mr. C., who is well known in the boot trade generally, and who, besides his many years of experience, brings a large addition of capital into the business.

我为扩展业务, 即日起在上述地址与J.先生进行合伙经营, 该公司现已并入我的名下。
With a view to further extending my operations, I have this day entered into partnership with Mr. J., of the above address, whose business will henceforth be amalgameted with mine.

I inform you that I have taken into partnership with Mr. Y., who has for many years acted as my manager.

The business will be carried on as before, the name of the firm remaining unchanged.

由于我请胞弟J.为合伙人, 今后公司更名为哈里森兄弟公司。
In consequence of my having taken into partnership my brother J., the business of the establishment will henceforward be conducted under the firm of Harrison & Brother.

我们自信, 基于我们的经验与熟悉本地, 如蒙惠顾必能获得您的满意。
We feel confident that our experience and local knowledge will enable us to give you entire satisfaction, whenever you may require our services.


我公司 在过去的二十年里成就可观, 现自5月30日起改组为股份有限公司, 从该日起名称改为P.股份有限公司继续营业。特此奉告。
We inform you that our business, which has been carried on most successfully for the last twenty years, will be turned into a limited company on the 30th May, and from that date it will be continued under the firm-name of the P. Co., Ltd.

我公司组织有变, 特附上通函一份。今后本公司保证象过去一样热诚为您服务。
We refer you to the enclosed circular announcing the reorganization of the above firm, and would assure you that any commission with which you may favour us will receive the same care and attention as in the past.

目前我们为私人有限公司, 今后如有汇款, 请寄到H.股份有限公司, 则甚为感激。
We are now a private Limited Company, and we shall be glad if you will in future make out remittances to us to H. & Co., Ltd.

元月一日后, 我公司解散。在原址成立O.商社继续营业, 由H.和J.二人主持业务。
After January 1st., our partnership will be dissolved and the business will be carried on at the same address, by H. and J. under the firm-name of O.

下列署名人, 谨此通知各位顾客, 自即日起以前以F.与T.命名的两公司合并为B.公司,继续营业。
We the undersigned, herewith inform all our esteemed correspondents that the two firms which have carried on business hitherto under the title of F. and T. & Co., will be united from this date, and continued under the title of B.

本地先前以F.及C.商号营业的两店, 经协商同意合并, 特此告知。
We inform you that we have agreed to amalgamate the two houses doing business in this town under the style respectively of F. and C.

谨告知我公司顾客, 以上两个著名公司即日起合并为L.公司。
We hereby inform our esteemed clients that the above two well known firms have this day been amalgamated, and will in future trade under the title of L.

谨宣告, 自7月31日起, 前在R.街10号的B.公司和在W.街100号的N.公司合并为C.公司,并迁往上列商业区新址, 今后通讯请径寄上址为荷。
We have pleasure in announcing that, on and after the 31st July, our two firms of Messrs. B. and Messrs. N. hitherto carrying on business at 10 R. St., and 100 W. St., respectively, will amalgamate under the style of Messrs. C., and the combined firms will transfer their offices to more commodious premises at the above address, to which all communications after the 31st July should be sent.


经双方协议, 经营羊毛的本公司于本日宣布解散。特此奉告。
We inform you that the partnership existing between us in the business of wool has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.

Bl.先生与Br.先生合伙经营的黑褐公司经双方同意宣告解散, 特此通知。
Notice is hereby given that the copartnership which has existed between Mr. Bl. and Mr. Br. under the style of Black, Brown & Co., has been dissolved by agreement.

伯来克与布朗二位先生以黑褐公司名义营业的公司自3月1日起宣布解散, 特此通知。
We announce that on and after the 1st March the partnership existing between Mr. Black & Mr. Brown, trading as Black, Brown & Co., will be dissolved.

兹经双方同意, 决定解除合伙关系, 特此通告。
We advise you that we have by nutual agreement decided to dissolve partnership.


After the liquidation of the affairs of …, the business will be carried on under the style of … … 公司业务经清算后, 将以… 名义进行营业。

同函附上B.公司的清算通告, 并通知我将以J.公司的名义继续营业让。特此通告。
Referring to the annexed circular as to the liquidation of the firm of B. & Co., I have now to inform you that I shall in future carry on the business under the style of J. & Co.

After the liquidation of the affairs of P.W. has been finished, the business will be carried on under the style of P.L. P.W.公司在清算终结后将以P.L.公司名义营业。

C.先生被指定为清算人, 他负责偿付前公司一切债务, 前公司应收款项请照付给他。
Mr. C., who has been appointed liquidator of the late firm will discharge all liabilities, and all accounts due to the late firm must be paid to him.


我公司T.先生, 经医生忠告, 宜去气候温和地带疗养以期延年益寿, 因此决定退出本公司, 特此奉告。
We have the honour to inform you of the retirement from this firm of Mr. T. He is retiring solely on account of serious advice from his physician, who recommends him a warmer climate if his life is to be preserved.

由于我年事已高, 不得不退出本公司业务, 决定在故里安度晚年, 遗憾之处,诸希鉴原, 特此通告。
It is not without regret that I write to inform you of my retirement from business, but as I am now getting on in years, I have decided to spend at least part of the autumn of my life in the quiet of my native place.

本人年迈, 诸事力不从心, 为健康原因, 非常遗憾地退出具体工作, 特此告知。
It is with regret that I have to inform you that as the imfirmity of age compelling me to take special care of my health, I have decided to retire from business

我们决定退出业务, 有关我公司一切业务, 均转由本公司负责。
We have to inform you that we have retired from business, and that we have transferred every thing connected with our firm to Messrs. Y. & Co.

由于我的朋友及合伙人T.去世, 我公司宣告解散。此后公司仅在清帐的短期内存在。
In consequence of the death of Mr. T., my much valued friend and partner, our late firm is dissolved, and the name will be continued so long as may be necessary for the liquidation of its affairs.

我的重要合伙人T.先生最近去世, 其股份由我接受并接办公司业务。特此奉达。
I respectfully inform you that, on account of the recent death of my much esteemed partner, Mr. T., I have acquired the business by purchasing my partner’s shares in it.

我们沉痛地奉告, 我公司合伙人O.先生于5月5日逝世。
It is with deep regret that we have to inform you of the recent death of our parner, Mr. O., which occurred on the 5th May.


兹通知, 过去15年中任我公司代理的Y.先生今后将为本公司业务担任签名责任。
We inform you that Mr. Y., who has held our procuration for the last fifteen years, will in future sign for the firm.

谨此告知, 我公司授权在此服务多年的M.先生以代理签名事宜。
We have to intimate to you that we have authorized Mr. M., who has been with us for many years, to sign for our firm per procuration.

兹授予Y.先生代理我公司签名权, 其签名如下。
I have granted power of procuration to my chief clerk, Mr. Y., whose signature is appended below.

我的签名如下, 同时寄上将行使签名权的G.先生的签名, 请惠察。
I refer you to my signature at foot, also to that of Mr. G., who will sign per procuration.


我公司在伦敦的业务, 已卖给W.公司, 该公司决定于5月1日开始接管。
We have sold the business hitherto carried on in London, to Messrs. W., who will take over the business from the 1st May.

我公司已购买了B.公司的业务, 并订于5月1日接管。
We have purchased the business of Messrs. B. & Co., and shall take over the same from the 1st May.

下列签名人对该公司负一切责任, 未来该公司业务和财务, 均由其承担。
the undersigned wil assume all the responsibilities of the said firm and will in future conduct the business on his own account and in his own name.

谨告知P.处的居民, 原由W.先生所经营的罐头、酒等杂货食品及食油业务, 已由R.先生继承。
R. respectfully informs the inhabitants of P. that he has succeeded to the grocery and oil business formerly conducted by Mr. W.


兹定于2月1日迁到更方便的纽约市第5街7号新址办公, 特此通告。
We inform you that we shall on the first February remove to a more convenient office at 7 5th Ave., New York.

我已经迁到永乐街1丁目10番地, 今后联络, 请用新址, 特此通知。
I inform you that I have this day removed to 10, Itchome, Yurakucho, where all communications should in future be addressed.

我公司已迁到上述更方便的地址, 特此告知。
I inform you that I have removed to more convenient premises, situated at the above address.

我公司最近已迁到上述地址, 特此通告。
Please take note that we have recently removed to the above address.


I inform you that I have been appointed the Sole Agent in Tokyo for: The Goodrich Rubber Co., New York City.

我公司已请东京原公司为代理店, 关于我司的产品目录, 请径向该公司索取。
We advise you that we have made Messrs. Hara & Co., Tokyo, our representatives, who hold at your disposal our catalogue.

我公司已与经营茶叶有20年经验的服部春雄先生订立了协定, 聘请他为我公司的代表接洽业务, 特此奉告。
We have much pleasure in informing you that we have entered into arrangement with Mr. H.Hattori, who has twenty years’ experience in tea trade, to act as our representative.

不论任何要求或其他条件, 只要委任或推荐本人为代理人, 必能迅速有效的完成所赋任务。
I wish to proffer you my services, with the assurance that whatever claims and others you may be pleased to confide and recommend to my agency, shall be promptly and efficiently attended to.


从顾客处得悉, 贵公司拟在本市寻找代理, 我们特申请担任这项工作, 请酌定。
Hearing from our correspondent that you are looking form an agent in this city, we are pleased to apply for the post.

得悉贵公司准备到我国销售葡萄酒, 请指定本公司为你司在日本的总代理。
Having heard that you are about to ship wine to this country, we offer our services as agents in Japan.

我们希望为贵公司拓销机械, 请将你司在本地的独家代理赋予敝公司为盼。
We are willing to push the trade in your machines, and hope you will give us the sole agency for our place.

We herewith take the liberty to offer you our services as forwarding agents in this port, hoping to be favoured with your esteemed commands in the near future.


我公司推销员J.先生近日将前往伦敦, 届时将携带若干最新产品供你参考。
Our traveller, Mr. J., will be in London shortly, when he will submit you some of our newest goods.

贵公司代表如再来伦敦时, 务请到本公司来, 以便参阅商讨你所带新样品, 如有适销商品,本公司定当订购。
When your representative is in London again, he might call and submit your new samples, and if we find anything suitable for our trade, we may give him an order.

我公司推销员, 将于6月8日即下星期一到达您地, 拜访贵公司, 希望能获得贵公司的订单。
Our traveller will be in your town on Monday next, 8th June, and hopes to have the pleasure of calling upon you to receive your orders.

我公司职员T.先生, 将于5月10日即下星期二前后拜访贵公司, 至请惠顾、订购。
Our clerk Mr. T. expects to have the pleasure of calling upon you on or about Tuesday next, 10th May, when the favour of your orders is solicited.